Meet Our September Teacher and Teacher Assistant of the Month

We at Integration Charter Schools are beyond proud and honored to present our September Teachers and Teacher Assistants of the month. Jumping from one hurdle to the next, these educators definitely took the ICS core values to heart and beyond.

The newest addition to ICS, The Lois and Richard Nictra Early College Charter School, have been soaring beyond all expectations. Thanks to the dedicated and resilient teaching staff of Nicotra Early College Charter School, we are well on our way to becoming a beacon of early college education. For September we recognize Elizabeth Roman as the Teacher of the month and Samathna Perrone for Teacher Assistant of the month.

Samatha Perrone, Nicotra Early College September Teacher Assistant of the Month

“I was very surprised”, says Perrone, “but I also feel very honored that my peers thought of me. It’s very nice that they thought of me.” Perrone, who started working at Nicotra this past summer says she enjoys the day to day interactions with her students and getting to know the students.

Elizabeth Roman, September’s teacher of the month said “I’m really honored. Having a one-year-old has made my work-life balance extremely difficult. So now I’m working harder and I’m working smarter. It’s an honor because it shows me that I’m truly learning how to do that.” Roman, who worked publishing but then changed careers to teaching had the following to say for future teachers considering joining ICS “Be tenacious. You are in this for the long run. It’s not a short distance race, its a marathon. You improve by sticking to it and going through it. You grow by what you go through.”

Elizabeth Roman, Nicotra Early College September Teacher of the Month