Message from the Values Team

Dear ICS Family!

While our world is facing an unprecedented crisis that has fundamentally upended our lives, creating uncertainty, anxiety and hardship, our commitment to our core values shows our strength as a community. In light of the current pandemic, we believe it is necessary to extend our compassion and gratitude for all you do! 

In these difficult times, we are reminded that together, our team can make the impossible, possible. Despite the immense pressure of shifting to virtual school in such a short amount of time, by playing nice in the sandbox we have managed to overcome barriers and push forward with our mission. 

Over the past few weeks, we have united and embodied the idea of fostering lifelong learning by embracing a new way of educating and supporting our students and their families. We know that Distance Learning is a challenge, yet we have ensured a safe and supportive place to grow. Through tireless efforts by all, we have been able to use this time as a new opportunity to open doorways for the leaders of tomorrow.

 Our amazing ICS family has honored the value of respecting and hearing all voices in order to generate new ideas and make this experience a positive one for students and families. Now more than ever before, we have embraced creativity and discovery

We continue to welcome everyone with a smile in our online exchanges and value diversity as we constantly search for unique ways to meet the diverse needs of our colleagues, students and their families. 

We appreciate everyone’s continued commitment and couldn’t be more proud of you. Your dedication and resilience is truly inspiring, and it gives us renewed confidence that we will make it through this uncertain time together.

We believe in second chances and know that as we strive to make a better Staten Island, we will come back from this stronger than ever before. 

Our thoughts and hearts go out to those who are ill and caring for ill loved ones and we wish you peace and hope. Please know that your ICS family is here for you. 


Your Values Team