Community Service

Each student is expected to complete no fewer than forty hours of community service per year. We are very proud of this aspect of the curriculum. Volunteer work can be very rewarding and an eye-opening experience for all. Community service can be defined as volunteer work that is rendered in activities that benefit the community or not for profit organizations. Working at a
homeless shelter or organizing a blood drive would be examples of community service; working as a receptionist at the dentist’s office would not. There are a wide variety of experiences that are acceptable.

For every 20 hours of service, your activity will be logged into our Google Drive system and presented with a letter of completion for your College File. For every 54 hours of continuous service in one activity, you will receive one miscellaneous service credit. A completed journal should be submitted to Gina Luongo or Quadir Johnson containing the following in order for you to successfully complete your project:

  • Time log listing the dates, hours and description of activities performed (filing, tutoring math, gathering signatures for petitions). Your supervisor should sign the log.

  • Self-evaluation. Include what you liked best/least about your community service, what you learned about yourself, and whether you would do this type of volunteer work again. You may include samples of any work you have done (if applicable.)