What is tuition at Nicotra Early College Charter School? 

Nicotra Early College Charter School is completely free — just like public schools are. There is a common misconception that charter schools charge tuition or require intensive placement or entrance exams. That is not the case for us!

Is my child a good fit for Nicotra Early College Charter School? 

Visit our school and experience a special environment that not only educates, but nurtures. Our class sizes and student-to-teacher ratio make it possible to offer individualized attention not available in standard environments. We know every student by name. We affirm each student’s accomplishments and help them overcome their challenges in preparation for college and career. 

What is Integration Charter Schools? 

Integration Charter Schools (ICS) is a family of fully inclusive schools dedicated to serving students with and without special needs in a supportive, integrated setting. At each school, students enjoy small classes with two teachers in each classroom and a supportive and nurturing staff. Wellness instruction and an innovative curriculum prepare students with the confidence, self-awareness, soft skills and academic competencies they need to succeed in college and the workplace. 

Where is Nicotra Early College Charter School located?
The school is located in Corporate Commons Three, a brand new, state-of-the-art building on South Avenue in the Bloomfield section of Staten Island. Instruction takes place on the fifth floor, in spacious classrooms equipped with the latest technology for teaching. 

What do the students do at St. John’s?

Through an academic partnership with the Staten Island campus of St. John’s University, the Nicotra School offers an innovative pre-admissions college credit program that prepares high school juniors and seniors for college success. Nicotra students travel to the campus for a four-semester course sequence taught by St. John’s faculty members.  An innovative “College Knowledge” series prepares them for the experience before they enroll in St. John’s courses.  Over their four semesters and summer sessions at St. John’s, Nicotra students can take up to 36 university credits, lowering the cost of their tuition when they enroll as full-time college students and advancing them toward a baccalaureate degree with the academic and life skills for graduation and beyond.

How many students are in each class at Nicotra?

At Nicotra, each class has a maximum of 18 students. We believe in the power of small class sizes and individual attention. Through a more intimate setting, our teachers develop an understanding of the whole student, and can effectively meet their educational and social emotional needs.

Have more questions?

Email our principal, Jessica Carnavas, directly! jcarnavas@integrationcharterschools.org