About Us

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“We believe that education is the key to success and we know that the key to Staten Island’s future is an educational opportunity for all children. We see the time and talent dedicated by the Integration Charter School team to the students in their current schools, Lavelle Preparatory Charter School and New Ventures. That gives us the confidence to lend our name to this new school: The Lois and Richard Nicotra Early College Charter School.” — Lois and Richard Nicotra

From high school to college, to beyond, together!

Our Mission

The Lois & Richard Nicotra Early College Charter School’s (Nicotra) mission is to promote an accelerated pathway to higher education which will enable students to graduate from high school with a Regents Diploma and the opportunity to earn college credits from St. John’s University.

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“Classes are small and the school is small. I know everyone.  My previous school was big with 30 kids in a class and I couldn’t pay attention. Here I am able to focus better and not get distracted and my grades are better.”— Mia Rodriquez, Ninth Grade Student

“I love my school because it is a community, a family.  It reminds me of what school was like when I was young.” — Vincent Liquori, Social Studies Teacher

“I was very concerned with sending my daughter to school after homeschooling her through elementary and middle school but this is a wonderful experience and she is doing so well at Nicotra.” — Parent

“This is the first time my child really talked to me about his schoolwork.” — Parent

“Jackson really enjoyed his time at Nicotra today and it was so nice to see my son smiling as he came out of school.”— Parent of a prospective student after an open house visit

This school keeps me out of trouble.  There are fewer students. I was bad in my previous school because I felt teachers didn’t care.  Teachers care about me here and they are on me. — Dustin Johns, Eighth Grade Student

Nicotra keeps me focused. I have to figure out the work myself and this makes me understand it more. — Taniya Gaines, Eighth Grade Student

In my old school, I wasn’t able to meet people and I have more friends here. Teachers focus on individual students due to small class size and I was able to get more credits through the summer program. It is exciting to know that I can get credits at St. John’s! — Jamaire Sanders, Eighth Grade Student

We have students say here through student government and this has made me feel respected and gave me a chance to make decisions. We get to work with the principal and he allows us to give us our opinion.  We are given the ability to make decisions that we think are important like trips, uniform colors, and the mascot. We feel that we are able to work with teachers and the school rather than be told what to do. — Shayla Adams, Eighth Grade Student

About Nicotra Early College Charter School

• Nicotra is divided into two phases: College Preparation and Early College

• In the College Preparation Phase (Grades 8-10), students are enrolled in accelerated Regents’ level high school courses designed to prepare them for college as well as earn credits towards a high school diploma.

• Students begin their Early College Phase at St. John’s University as early as the 11th grade. Students are able to earn college credits!

• Career Focus: Students can choose either one of three pathways at Nicotra: Business and Entrepreneurship, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice or Teaching and Education.

For more information please contact:
Nicotra Early College Charter School

Phone: (347) 855-2238 • Fax: (718) 370-2840

E-mail: lottery@nicotracharter.org