Integration Charter Schools at Black Heritage Family Day

In honor of African Heritage Month, Integration Charter Schools joined the Staten Island community this past Saturday in celebrating culture, raising awareness, and promoting racial unity at our city’s annual Black Heritage Family Day. We would like to give a special shout-out to our organization’s community liaison, Ben Owususekyere, as well as our director of external relations, Jodi Guagliardo, for gathering our students, faculty, and alumni together for the event. We are appreciative of such an incredible turn-out and participation among all of our schools. 

Thank you to the following staff members for their time and help on Saturday:
Brandon Burchman – Richmond Prep
Vincent Liquori – Nicotra Early College
Michael Animodi – Lavelle Prep Elementary
Kevin Walton – Lavelle Prep Elementary
Sue Outarid – Lavelle Prep High School
Ben Owusu – Community Outreach
Jessica Bruschi – Lavelle Prep Elementary

We would also like to acknowledge our student volunteers:
Ibrahim – 12th-grade Lavelle Prep High School
Tyler – 9th-grade Lavelle Prep High School
Khadijah – 12th-grade Lavelle Prep High School
Rosevina – 12th-grade Lavelle Prep High School
Jamah – 12th-grade Lavelle Prep High School
Schwibe – 10th-grade Lavelle Prep High School
Prisca – 12th-grade Lavelle Prep High School

Lastly, here is a shout-out to our alumni volunteers:
Ebenezer A – graduate
Moses K – graduate